Monday, November 10, 2008

In a pinch...

...when you forget to stop and get Clif shots for your run, Stretch Island Fruit Leather works just as well. Will I be using it for the marathon this next weekend??? NO I have a nutrition plan and I am sticking to it and Stretch Island Fruit Leather is not part of it. I am sticking to water, Clif Shots, and Enduralytes like I have for all of my running this summer and fall. I have not had any GI problems and especially no stomach issues like I did at the Los Angeles Marathon and I want to keep it that way.

Ok, I only have 6 days left to go. My coach has given me a few short Fartlek workouts to do just to keep the body from going into snooze mode. I had my last long run on Saturday of 10 miles and I ran that 10 miles like the 10 I ran with Greyhound. FAST!. My average pace was 9:06 and I know I went out a little too hard on the first few miles but it was chilly and I was trying to get warmed up. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, 45 is chilly in Houston! I shed the "shrug" after the first mile and a half and got rid of the gloves around mile 4 only to put them back on around mile 9 because I was running in the shade again and my sweaty hands got cold again.

My tasks for this week are to get my marathon gear set aside. Everything is clean since I did laundry this weekend. I have to go buy my Clif Shots. I have to send a note to school letting them know I am pulling Buddy out of school early on Friday so that we can hit the road and make it to my Dad's in Canyon Lake, TX before it gets dark and I run the risk of hitting a deer on the road. Last but not least, I have to nail down my Dad's and Val's spectator locations on the marathon course. The good thing about having a former professional news photographer as a dad is that I will get some great race shots and I won't have to pay for them! Too bad he still does not have his UPI press credential passes to hang around his neck that would allow him access into places he could not normally get into.

This marathon has SOLD OUT and there are 30,000 runners/walkers who will be roaming the streets of San Antonio. I am in corral 12 so that means that I may not actually cross the timing mat until 7:48 to 7:56 am or longer. Sunday in San Antonio looks like it will be sunny and beautiful with a low of 55* and a high 70*. I will need to remember my sun block! I thought about it for a moment, but NO, I am not dressing up in a costume like Steve in a Speedo. I think it would be too hot to run with a Mexican blanket sarape and a big sombrero on. I will be running as part of TEAM PURPLE!!! Here is the first element of my outfit...So they are not purple, but they are a lot cleaner than the last time I posted a picture of my shoes. I have my TNT Yanks in my shoes and my TNT shoe tag on my shoes. I have TNT socks but I have not run in them and the last time I wore TNT socks on a marathon I ended up with some black toenails. I am sticking to my regular socks. Tomorrow is more of the TEAM PURPLE race kit!

GOAL: My fastest "stand alone" marathon was back in 2006 when I ran a 4:42 at the P.F.Chang's Arizona Rock n' Roll Marathon. My coach says that I am going to surprise myself but I am aiming for a 4:15. This allows me time for port-o-can stops and for the crowded conditions. If I can go 4:14, I will beat P. Diddy's NY Marathon time. I would love to do that.

Race Number: 12295 Days Until Race: 6

Later Gators!



TNTcoach Ken said...

Look out P. Diddy, Coach Liz is on a mission! Go Team...........

Eric said...

The coach has a coach? :-)

Viv said...

I think you will suprise yourself Liz! You have been working hard and your nutrition plan is right on that you have pin pointed the wheat/glutten issue. i think it will be a fantastic marathon for you! I will be thinking of you chickie :-)

Spandex King said...

Diddy beware! Liz has got ya in her sights! Good luck! Your gonna do great!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Good luck!!!! And PLEASE beat Diddy.

Speed Racer said...

My advice:

1. Wear brand new shoes, you'll look sexxxier in the pictures.

2. Be sure to taste every "performance enhancing" product at the expo. Keep coming back and saying, "Mmmmmm, this is great!!!" until you've consumed at least $20 worth of free merchandise at each booth. Then your performance is sure to improve without having to pay $100 for the performance enhancing products!

3. Run the first 3 miles like you would race a 5K, the next 3 miles like you would race a 10K, the next 7 miles like you would race a half marathon, then repeat for the second half. You will surely get a PR that way.

4. Start in the right coral and politely wait for the slow people who lined up too far forward to fall back. Don't push, it's rude.

5. Run with a camelbak. The bigger the better. Each ounce you carry means seconds you won't have to stop at a water stop.

6. Don't eat dinner the night before. That way you'll look skinny in your race photos. Running slightly dehydrated will bring out your muscle tone.

7. Don't listen to a word I say.