Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am in full slug mode. I have a super short interval workout today and my super awesome sports docs are taking care of me today. At noon I get acupuncture with Dr. D to help with my sinus congestion since I had allergy shots yesterday. After that I get a stretch session with Kimberly and then I follow that up with a tune up adjustment with Dr. H to work out all the kinks. Spine and Sports Therapy has "Got My Back" and they have been doing an awesome job with keeping me injury free for the past 3 1/2 years.

Big News...

Buddy had his first 20 minute timed swim today. All Free, flip turns at every wall, continuous... He cracked out 875 yards!!! I am so proud of him! I feel totally comfortable with his request to do one of the pool sprint triathlons next spring and possibly even one of the shorter sprint triathlons that I take my TNT athletes to. Someone is getting some Legos for their effort!

Here is the next part of the TEAM PURPLE kit. I still have to put my name on the front so I can get some love from the crowd and I have a picture of my mom that will go on my back.

Alright, I pack today and we hit the road tomorrow after I teach my noon class.

Later Gators,



JohnnyTri said...

Way to go Team Purple!! & give it up 2 the peeps at SST for keepn u tip top, but not too much cuz I'm not there!!

Congrats to buddy for great swim!

Ur gonna kickass this weekend!


Tiggs said...

go Buddy go!

And go Team Purple!!

Have a great race!

Viv said...

Look at that Buddy go! I bet you were just gleaming with joy!! Good luck this weekend!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Go Team Purple. Have a great time, both literally and figuratively.....