Friday, November 14, 2008


I am taking a brief break from running around to get the last of my stuff together and my kid's stuff together before I have to go to work. As soon as I finish working with my Pilates clients, my Small Group Personal Training ladies, and teach my group strength training class I will pick Buddy up from school and we will head out to Canyon Lake, Texas to see my Dad and Val.

All of my stuff for the race is pretty much together but it is the other stuff that I will wear that is hanging me up. Not to mention the atomic bomb El Esposo dropped last night, "I'm gonna CLEAN this weekend!" ARGH!!! I love him for wanting to help but he takes it upon himself to go through all my bags dump them out and reorganize everything or toss it out. This means that I will come back and not have a stinking idea where anything is. It kills me, who puts measuring cups in the same cabinet as the glasses and mugs??? (Babe, they are all cups!). When I went and did Longhorn 70.3 I came home to all of my running shoes, dead ones and live ones that I switch out and rotate, were in one large bag. All run hats, visors, skull caps, swim caps and head bands were stuffed in an insulated cooler bag that I use in the summer to keep cold drinks in my car for after a bike ride. All of my small bags that I carry bike tools/stuff, nutritionals (capsules, gels, mixes, etc.), gear (chip straps, race belts HRM straps), and odds and ends I had not seen in awhile and every piece of stuff from a race bag from packet pick up dumped in my swim bag. And the one that sent me over the edge,,,he emptied out my bag that I use for work to teach my cycle classes and threw my bike shoes in the garage, put the iPod cable in a box full of cables in the computer room, and THREW AWAY over 50 written out classes that I had in a pocket in the bag!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! I am dreading coming home and not being able to find stuff.

Ok, I love my spouse but as all of you in committed relationships know, there are times you want to hit them over the head with a wet skunk.

Alright...TWO DAYS to go and here is another piece of the TEAM PURPLE kit. Fuel Belt ROCKS for making a special Team in Training PURPLE Helium Fuel Belt!!!

I have been wearing a Fuel Belt for every run that I have been on for the past 3 years. I even wear my Fuel Belt out to small little 30 minute run workouts. I have a two bottle belt, 2 of the four bottle belts, and a six bottle belt. Hmm, do you think I have enough? Living in HOT Houston the Fuel Belt is essential to survival in the summer. If you have not checked it out, Fuel Belt has a cool tri site called X-Tri that I like hopping over to.

Ok, we are headed west later today. More fun pics tomorrow!

Later Gators,



Spokane Al said...

Good luck to you! I will be looking forward to reading your race report.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, this hits too close to home. All we're trying to do is help.... Sandy is the same way, if I move anything in her bags, I'm toast...

Viv said...

Have a safe trip out. Looking forward to the race report.

Jeff said...

OMG, LMAO. I swear I've been on the receiving end of that very same conversation. Always starts with DW saying "Honey, I know you're trying to help, but. . . "

One of my local running stores is carrying TnT logoed stuff now. Very nice!