Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend update...

Ok, I am giving more than the weekend update but it is all related to each other. On Thursday morning I had my yearly Halloween Ride with my Indoor Cycling class and I was surprised when the trick-or-TREATED me. I guess that they had been hearing me whine about my Dr. Pepper and how I only drink one after a marathon or a half IM distance race. They have picked up on the fact that even though I try to eat well, chocolate is a staple in my diet. They must have gotten tired of me forgetting to buy Clorox Wipes so that everyone can wipe down their sweaty handlebars and resistance knobs on the bike. And they must really love my "Shake n' Bake" set that I pull out about once a quarter. The back row instigated all of this stuff!!!

I spent the rest of Thursday getting my Elastia-Girl outfit together and baked up two batches of pumpkin muffins and got the dough rising for cinnamon rolls. I let the muffins cool and then I put three of them and a few Taso tea bags in some Halloween Treat Bags for my Pilates and Personal Training Clients that I would be seeing on Friday.

Friday saw me in that oh so INCREDIBLE costume all darn day. Alright, all I am going to say is that there are some interesting gentlemen at my health club. I got hit on by more than just a few. Hello! I am MRS. Incredible. Mr. Incredible may not like you hitting on his wife. Flattering...Yes, thank you for the compliments and that is where it ends. I was dressed as a Disney character for goodness sakes! I think that I missed the class at Super Hero School that was titled "Running and Living Comfortably in High Heeled Boots" My feet were killing me by the time it was to take Buddy up to the neighborhood club house for the hay ride and trick-or-treating. The kids had a great time and Buddy made a killing on the candy. Yes, I did have some and it was very yummy.Here is the front truck pulling the hay wagon. I was riding in truck number 2.
There is Mr. Incredible in the blue dress shirt and Buddy in his Vote for Pedro t-shirt in the wagon ready to head to the next trick-or-treat area in the neighborhood.

I have started my taper for the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon. On Saturday morning I only had to run 14 miles and I had two 11 ramp parking garages tacked onto the end. My pace even with a bathroom break in the Hilton hotel and stop to fill up water bottles had me at an average pace of 9:54. I am planning on running with a pace group on this marathon so I do not go out too hard and start slowing the pace down around the middle. I have less than two weeks to go and I am feeling good about this marathon. I have my nutrition down pat and I am not deviating from the plan like I did in LA back in March.

Other than my pre-run banana with Nutella and a package of Shot Bloks I had not eaten anything else. Once I got home and cleaned up it was time for lunch at Berry Hill Baja Tacos for some chicken fajitas. They were so good. We went and picked up a new ceiling fan for the guest room and for the rest of the day I ran some errands and then I sat on the sofa and started crocheting a scarf. Since yesterday, I have ripped out all of the work two times. It was a good amount that I ripped out but my eyes are not what they used to be and I am working with black yarn. I kept tabs on the IMFL racers and enjoyed being a bum.

Today was not that much different. The weather is great and I am hoping that it will last until the marathon. Hope you had a great weekend. The time change has me off so right now I am falling asleep at the key board.

Later Gators,



Speed Racer said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You must be a really great spin teacher for your class to have arranged such a sweet gift. You must be good at what you do.

Happy Halloween, and good luck with the taper. Try to keep out of the Halloween candy, and do your best not to climb the walls over the next 2 weeks :).

greyhound said...

I was Very disappointed upon seeing you running Saturday morning that you were not in costume. Booooooo.

And you shouldn't be so surprised about the boys at the club. Your character was more widely known as Elasti-GIRL. And, she was hot.

Tiggs said...

I ran right past you Saturday morning just as you were crossing the street and stopping at the TNT table :)

BreeWee said...

Nice new photo on top! Have fun tapering down for your marathon... and sit on your bum allllll you want, soon enough you need to move it for 26.2 miles!

Viv said...

Great costumee, man you can pull that off! You need to put that outfit in your wardrobe rotation

Love the tricks and treats from the cycle group, how sweet.